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Release PANTA RHAI Volume I

Release PANTA RHAI Volume I

12.4.23, 17:00

[Hamburg, April 11, 2023] - Today, creators Arian Okhovat and Jörg Salamon announce the official launch of the innovative lifestyle magazine PANTA RHAI, which will be published on April 11, 2023. The magazine is aimed at anyone interested in artificial intelligence (AI), innovation, creativity and the future of publishing.

PANTA RHAI combines AI and human creativity to provide a novel reading experience. In the first issue, readers can expect stories such as " Can AI broaden one's horizons?" and " The complexity of the topic of time." It also features great graphics and exciting insights into the world of AI. The limitations of AI also become apparent, for example in writing longer texts or the tendency to repeat text passages.

Arian Okhovat, one of the magazine's creators says, "PANTA RHAI is not just a magazine, it's a melting pot of AI and human creativity that gives our readers a new reading experience."

Jörg Salamon, the other creator, adds, "With PANTA RHAI, we want to redefine the boundaries of publishing and show how AI and the human mind can go hand in hand to create good content. At the same time, we want to draw attention to the current limitations of AI technology and encourage an honest dialogue about it." The magazine is created using ChatGPT from OpenAI, Midjourney, as well as other AI tools. It is available online at

For more information, visit PANTA RHAI's official website at

“136 pages in five days”: The world’s first magazine written and designed by AI

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