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Innovation first

Together with our many partners, we are shaping the future in the field of artificial intelligence, the media industry and society. From research to collaborations and media work. PANTA RHAI - because everything flows.

Hamburg Media School

We support the Hamburg Media School in continuing education measures and are also on the advisory board of the Media Innovation Program, which supports innovative fellows in the media sector.


As a member of AI4Media, an EU-funded network, we are committed to promoting AI in the media sector. Our focus is on developing innovative and trustworthy AI applications.

University of Rostock

We are pleased to work with the University of Rostock to explore AI in the newspaper industry, aiming to develop innovative strategies and tools for the media sector.

AI for Good

We are proud media partners of AI for Good, bringing our AI and media expertise to develop innovative solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

AI for Media Network

We are a member of the AI ​​for Media Network of Bayerischer Rundfunk, which promotes the exchange between AI experts and journalists.

University of Hamburg

We are cooperating with the University of Hamburg to research the acceptance of AI-generated content in the media industry.

Media Lab Bayern

We are working with Media Lab Bavaria on AI use cases in the media sector, developing innovative solutions and publishing our findings in a white paper.

Data Innovation Summit

We are a media partner of the Data Innovation Summit, one of the largest data and AI events in the Nordics, bringing together leading experts and innovators.

J On The Beach

We are media partners of J on the Beach, an international conference for developers and data scientists focusing on big data technologies.

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