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PANTA RHAI - Background

Ode to the Shoe Tree

Oh, exalted Shoe Tree, standing proud in your majestic splendor, A symbol of past love bonds and lost dreams. Through your branches wafts a hint of melancholy, As if they sense the echo of bygone yearnings and passions.

In your shadow flickers the memory of tender touches, A glimmer of past love stories, drifting away in the wind. Your boughs bend heavily under the weight of history, As if preserving the longing for connection and togetherness.

Each shoe that rests on your branches is a silent testament, Of encounters and partings, of passion and betrayal. They tell of a dance of emotions, interwoven with fate, A dance of hearts that took place in forgotten times.

Like pearls on a string, they hang from your limbs, Each with its own story, like a chapter in a novel. The threads of love that once bound the lovers, Have now become a web of memories that spans time.

In your grace and silence, the essence of humanity is revealed, The transience of love and the yearning for the unattainable. Oh, Shoe Tree, you are a silent witness to the tragedies of the heart, A monument to the fleeting, the lost, and the beautiful.

May the shoes that rest upon you continue to tell their stories, Of lost loves and unfulfilled desires that touch us. You are a mirror of human fate, woven into the fabric of time, Oh, Shoe Tree, you embody the poetry of the transient, in all its sublimity.


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