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PANTA RHAI - Background

PANTA RHAI - It's here!

We are very proud and also relieved to announce that PANTA RHAI has been released!

It is the world's first AI-based lifestyle magazine and is available in a print and digital version. With the magazine, we have tried to unleash and combine the potential of artificial intelligence and human creativity. The aim is to create a unique platform that pushes the boundaries of human imagination and creativity.

PANTA RHAI is the result of our commitment to innovation and creativity. We have chosen the theme of time as our content bracket and focused on technology, art, culture, science and design. The result is a collection of texts and images that show how artificial intelligence and human input can work together in amazing harmony.

However, we would like to present to you not only the magazine as the result of this collaboration, but also the process itself. We have taken on the challenges and been inspired by the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers. We would like to showcase this process in the coming days and weeks and talk to you about it.

We have already collected a lot of ideas for the upcoming issue and will soon get back into production. We will try to extend the content further into the digital world. Perhaps PANTA RHAI will compose new music for you that can be heard directly in the magazine. Or we will bring pictures to life.

A special thanks to our partner PressMatrix, who provides us with their great platform to give you the best reading experience. Also, an Android and an iOS app will be released soon in cooperation with PressMatrix, which will increase the reading pleasure even more.

We hope PANTA RHAI will inspire you and make you think. Be sure to get your copy of the magazine and be ready to dive into a world of ideas and inspiration.


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