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PANTA RHAI Joins Forces with Data Innovation Summit 2024: A Convergence of Data Mastery and AI Innov

As we navigate the evolving landscape of AI-driven publishing, PANTA RHAI is delighted to announce our latest media partnership with the Data Innovation Summit 2024. This partnership underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation by aligning with one of the most anticipated events in the data and AI community.

The Data Innovation Summit is an illustrious congregation of minds fervently dedicated to the advancement of data science, AI, and analytics. The 2024 edition promises to delve into pivotal areas such as Machine Learning, Generative AI, Data Engineering, DataOps, and Data Strategy​​.

Esteemed speakers from diverse sectors will lead discussions, sharing insights that define the cutting edge of data and AI applications. These include AI Ethics Expert Uthman Ali from BP, Personalization Leader Oskar Stål from Spotify, and influential names like Inna Weiner from Google, Rajiv Shah from Hugging Face, and Aayush Mudgal from Pinterest, among others​​.

The summit will not only showcase thought leadership but also spotlight the partners and exhibitors who contribute to the ecosystem of data innovation. From strategic partnerships that drive business and technical acumen to workshops designed for in-depth skill-building, the Data Innovation Summit serves as a beacon for both knowledge sharing and community building within the data sphere.

PANTA RHAI's role as a media partner will involve comprehensive coverage, insights, and reflections on the summit, offering our audience a lens into the epicenter of data-driven transformation. This partnership aligns with our ethos of leveraging AI to reinvent the publishing arena, and we are eager to bring this journey to our readers.



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