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PANTA RHAI - Background

Technology in Focus: J On The Beach and PANTA RHAI's Involvement

J On The Beach stands out as an international conference that has become a key meeting point for professionals in development, data science, and DevOps. Concentrating on Big Data technologies, the event features an array of workshops and lectures that cover the latest trends and developments in data acquisition, stream processing, architecture, machine learning, microservices, and artificial intelligence.

Since its inception in Málaga in 2016, J On The Beach has established itself as a crucial event for sharing knowledge and best practices within the Big Data sector. It serves to bolster the local technology community while attracting international talent. The annual event, held in May, leverages its attractive Costa del Sol location to enhance networking opportunities among participants in addition to the exchange of expertise.

PANTA RHAI, a media company focused on merging creativity with generative AI technology, supports J On The Beach as a partner. This partnership reflects our commitment to promoting innovative approaches in the media industry and advancing the application of AI across various business models. PANTA RHAI is dedicated to integrating AI into daily work processes and developing new content formats to shape the future of the media landscape proactively.

The role of J On The Beach as a platform for technological exchange and innovation aligns with our vision to fully leverage the potentials of generative AI. The event presents an ideal opportunity to discuss current developments and explore future trends in the technology sector.

With its eighth edition, J On The Beach aims to expand its reach further and serve as a catalyst for technological innovation and networking. PANTA RHAI is proud to support this initiative and collaborate with the tech community to forge new paths in digital transformation.



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