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PANTA RHAI - Background


Volume I

Become a part of our revolutionary AI-powered Food Magazine, as the best culinary experiences meet cutting-edge technology and influential voices in the food industry.

Being a Firstmover

FLAIVOR offers a unique opportunity to strengthen your brand presence and reach a new audience. We work hand in hand with influencers who perfectly showcase your product range and philosophy.


Contact us today to discuss possible cooperation opportunities and develop individual strategies for a successful collaboration with FLAIVOR.

Draft: Preview FLAIVOR Magazine

Integration of Influencers

The aim of our campaign is to build a strong and engaged community of food influencers from all around the globe who share our passion for unique culinary experiences.


By collaborating with you, we seek to create high-quality content that reflects diverse tastes and traditions, bringing together food enthusiasts from various backgrounds.​


Factsheet FLAIVOR Magazin für Influencer 

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