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PANTA RHAI - Background

Innovative AI partnership: University of Rostock and PANTA RHAI jointly research AI in journalism

Using artificial intelligence to transform journalism

The Junior Professorship of Business Administration, specialising in services at the University of Rostock, led by Prof. Dr. Rouven Seifert, and us at PANTA RHAI, are excited to announce a new partnership in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This collaboration aims to explore and advance the use of AI technologies in the media landscape, particularly in the newspaper industry.

The main objective of this cooperation is to analyse the use and acceptance of AI-generated content, initially in different demographic groups in Germany.

Prof. Dr Rouven Seifert emphasises the importance of this initiative: "AI will be an increasingly important technology in the media sector. Further research is therefore necessary here"

At PANTA RHAI, pioneers in the creation and development of AI-powered publishing, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of creative work by merging human creativity and artificial intelligence. With the publication of the world's first AI-generated magazine, we have set new standards in digital publishing.

Arian Okhovat Alavian, co-founder of PANTA RHAI, comments on the partnership: "At PANTA RHAI, we are convinced that the future of media lies, among other things, in the intelligent connection between technology and people. By partnering with the University of Rostock, we want to show that this connection has the potential to create media content that both inspires and informs.


The Junior Professorship of Business Administration of Services at the University of Rostock and we at PANTA RHAI are proud to make a significant contribution to supporting innovation and sustainability in the media industry with this project. The results of this initiative will aim to develop effective strategies and tools for the newspaper industry, paving the way for future developments.


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