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PANTA RHAI - Background

Integrating AI into everyday working life: a guide to custom GPTs

As part of the first theme festival, we had the opportunity to speak at SPACE Hamburg - the centre of Hamburg's creative and digital economy - by NextMedia and Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft and share our expertise in the field of artificial intelligence. Our focus was on the question of how artificial intelligence, and in particular individualised GPTs (e.g. CustomGPTs from OpenAI), could enrich and improve the quality of journalism.

New possibilities with customised GPTs

We discussed the many possible applications of custom GPTs - from feedback GPTs that provide constructive feedback, to data GPTs with direct database connections, to GPTs that support local journalism. These technologies offer untapped potential to significantly improve everyday editorial work.

Success factors for the use of AI

  • Own data: The key to customised solutions.

  • Continous Updating: Continuous improvement of models and, above all, existing data ensures relevance.

  • Data protection & ethics: Indispensable for trust and acceptance.

  • Learning ability & transparency: For continuous improvement and comprehensibility of AI processes.

The theme festival for AI:

A week full of workshops, panels and networking opportunities for anyone interested in the integration of AI into the media and digital economy. Further information can be found here.


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